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Pixely has sucessfully implemented and supported geospatial, retail, blockchain, development, and other tech projects for leading companies across a variety of industries.

Vitra & Camper

Pixely and Swiss furniture provider Vitra partnered with shoe maker Camper for the Vitra & Camper Pop-up project, set up as a live field and art experiment at Art Basel to test a new retail concept. Embedding a custom pixely PX solution into the pop-up architecture enabled a multimedia-based orchestration of Camper’s mission and products. This was the first time Vitra’s electrical power rail system Kimea P/L was used.


  • Complete implementation of an omni-channel customer journey
  • Intelligent use of digital signage for education and entertainment
  • Integration of digital and physical loyalty cards
  • 3D measurement of shoppers’ feet and individual store and online recommendations based on size and availability
  • Information kiosk, providing added value and enhanced customer experience

Shopper benefits

  • Personalized support throughout the entire shopping process
  • Synergy between online and offline shopping channels

Sales associate benefits

  • A 3D foot scanner helps sales recommend and produce the right product for the customer’s feet
  • Meeting customer needs closely has a positive effect on sales and brand loyalty

The project was awarded the EuroShop Retail Design Award in 2016.

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