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Moët Hennessy

This project was jointly executed with Service Plan for Moët Hennessy.

As part of a custom pixely PX installation including a Product Finder app, interactive tablet computers with integrated bar code readers are placed in retail convenience stores. The tablets are mounted onto the shelves and can be used for product research. Whisky lovers can independently browse through the extensive Moët Hennessy whisky catalog and send whisky recommendations directly to themselves or to friends via email.

The tablet setting also offers an extensive, integrated statistics application accessible in PX Cloud. This allows Moët Hennessy to evaluate customer behavior directly at the point-of-sale settinga.


  • Correspondence of product packaging visuals within the custom Whisky Finder app
  • Platform for knowledge transfer for complex products
  • Simple selection of products according to different criteria
  • Quick access to detailed product information via barcode, RFID, etc.
  • Trigger for external actions on other screens, lights, ESL, etc.
  • Customizations and extensions enabled


  • Simplified showcase of complex products, product combinations, or services
  • Drive sales of simple products through context and promotion, e.g. recipes, holidays, special occasions
  • Increase cross-selling and up-selling of products or services
  • The system’s small footprint leaves prime space for the products

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