PX Electronic Shelf Labels

Electronic shelf labels allow retailers to dynamically update prices of products in their inventory without physically changing labels

Interested in optimizing price management at your retail store?

Complete electronic price labeling solution for dynamic retailers

Our PX ESL solution includes all needed shelf rails, electronic labels*, a CMS, installation and support

With ESL (Electronic Shelf Labels), you benefit from:

  • The ability to dynamically and effortlessly update prices of shelved products as often as needed
  • The ability to sync product price tags with your ERP system
  • The ability to run time-limited promotions on select items or entire series of products
  • If no in-house ERP system, an easy to use back-end interface (CMS) can be used for updating product prices
  • Fast, efficient, time-saving digital solution
  • Better product pricing overview and fewer pricing errors
  • Visibility into historic price fluctuations

* choose from a variety of label sizes and styles

Barcodes can be displayed on electronic labels

Promotions are easy to implement in the back-end

Don't worry, we’ve got the technical part covered

Your monthly PX ESL subscription includes all needed hardware, software, CMS, cloud services, and support

If this is your sector, pixely can revolutionize your business: 

Opticians & pharmacies

Retail stores

Automotive shops

Banks & financial institutions

Tradeshows, fairs & events

Fashion houses

Wine & spirits shops

Petrol stations

Cosmetics shops

Specialty stores



ESL and PX

Electronic Shelf Labels are built to work seamlessly with pixely PX and PX Cloud. You can have as many shops using the solution as you’d like. The solution is completely scalable to your shop’s needs, however big or small.

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