Bespoke development services

Whether you need a custom software or web application, a native mobile app, or a simple WordPress website, we can build it for you, using the most optimal technology stack – quickly, efficiently and cost-effectively 

When having an in-house development team isn’t feasible, outsourcing makes sense

Custom software, mobile app & web application development, system integration

We solve our clients’ challenges in the most timely, optimal and cost-effective way.

There is little our team of developers, system integrators and project managers can’t do in terms of developing and maintaining mobile, desktop, progressive web apps or websites of the highest class. From custom, sophisticated  Vue.js solutions to simple, low-cost WordPress websites, rapid prototypes or MVPs, our development methodologies ensure that your project is professionally completed on time, and within budget. 

Technology-agnostic, we follow agile/scrum best practices in our development, and we stay on top of the latest technology developments. Our team is proficient in most front-end and back-end frameworks. We will select the best option for your project together, after reviewing your needs, goals and expectations in detail. If speed-to-market is a priority for you, you will find working with us efficient and stress-free.

Looking for a website or a web app design & development team?

You can outsource your WordPress, WooCommerce, custom PHP, Javascript or Vue.js projects to the pixely web team.
Rest assured your web app or website project will be done on time and within a very reasonable budget.

Our development methodology
  1. Strategic discussion about your needs, goals and expectations (in-person or in a call)
  2. Collection of business and technical requirements
  3. Technological proposal and client review
  4. Development and testing
  5. Solution rollout
  6. Post-rollout client/user feedback
  7. Solution maintenance and updates
The agile development manifesto
  • Individuals and interactions over processes and tools
  • Working software over comprehensive documentation
  • Customer collaboration over contract negotiation
  • Responding to change over following a plan

How to find us

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