PX Shelf

Your customers can now compare products they’re interested in and make an informed decision about buying one or more 

How can PX Shelf improve both the shopping experience and your bottom line?

PX Shelf maximizes your retail real estate

Informed purchases are the most satisfying

  • PX Shelf is a combination of an app, one or more sensors and a screen (typically tablet or smartphone). 
  • Our shelf solution empowers shoppers to learn more about a single product or compare that product with another one by placing both on a special digital shelf that recognizes what’s on it using sensors. 
  • Detailed information about the products’ attributes is displayed once one or more products are placed on the shelf (content easily updated in the back-end CMS)
  • Being able to directly interact with the products makes it easier for shoppers to make an informed purchasing decision.

Choose one of four different interactive shelf configurations:

Option 1

PX Shelf with 1 RFID/NFC sensor connected to an existing screen

Option 2

PX Shelf with 1 RFID/NFC sensor and a built-in screen

Option 3

PX Shelf with 2 RFID/NFC sensor connected to an existing screen

Option 4

PX Shelf with 2 RFID/NFC sensor and a built-in screen

Don't worry, we’ve got the technical part covered

Your monthly PX Shelf subscription includes all needed hardware, software, CMS, cloud services, and support


  • Interactive tablet computers with integrated bar code readers are provided for customers in POS settings
  • The tablets are mounted onto the shelves and can be used for product research and comparison between two or more products
  • Visitors can independently browse through your product catalog and share product recommendations via email

Enhanced customer intelligence

  • The solution includes an extensive and already included statistics application
  • This application allows you to evaluate shopper behavior at the point-of-sale setting
  • PX Shelf can provide you with an end-to-end retail solution and insights on request or periodically
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Works seamlessly with

Shelf and PX, a match made in heaven

PX Shelf was built to work seemlessly with PX and PX Cloud. You can have as many products as you’d like catalogued and searchable using Shelf in-store. This is an easily scalable solution can be completely customized based on your needs. Pixely can help you effortlessly implement the entire installation across multiple shops, branches, and points-of-sale.

If this is your sector, pixely can revolutionize your business: 

Opticians & pharmacies

Retail stores

Automotive shops

Banks & financial institutions

Tradeshows, fairs & events

Fashion houses

Wine & spirits shops

Petrol stations

Cosmetics shops

Specialty stores



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