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Geospatial data visualizations, modeling and app development

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With a focus on simulation models and decision support systems, we optimize agricultural business and decision-making processes by collecting, processing and analyzing geospatial data. We pool data from remote sensing and meteorological models, or from sensornets, such as geo-coded data automatically collected from smart agricultural machinery.

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We have developed and launched efficient geospatial applications, which can be found on our partner cloudeo’s webstore. The back-end platform and data are provided by cloudeo. We also partner with Assecuratus on providing custom data solutions and services for leading insurance companies and underwriters throughout Europe.

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Geoinformations: agronomy is a core business for geospatial services worldwide.  With a solid network of long-term partners, pixely develops and implements digital solutions to optimize farm economy and sustainability.

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The pixely team boasts 50+ years of combined experience in outsourced geospatial data visualizations and modeling. We specialize in 3D/elevation data, database, app and software development.

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