Modernize your retail space

From brick-and-mortar to click-and-mortar, pixely PX was built to transform your physical retail store, showroom, or event into a connected, customer-focused Point-of-Experience

Curious how PX can optimize and inspire your customers’ experience?

What is pixely PX?

Pixely PX is a powerful, yet flexible cloud-based store automation solution designed to meet the exact needs of your business through extensive modularity. Suitable in point-of-sale (POS) support, digital signage management, and shop intelligence. PX is suitable for any sector that involves customer touchpoints, including but not limited to retail, airports, banking and finance, healthcare and pharmacy, automotive, events, fashion.

Fully integrated shop floor, products and shoppers

The pixely PX solution is the digital link between your physical store space, your inventory, and your customers. Personalized, real-time product advice is made available to shoppers through connected IoT devices during- and post- store visits. The connection to your ordering system ensures fast product delivery when products or sizes are unavailable in-store.

How does pixely PX work?

Pixely PX enables the transformation of a standard retail shop into a connected, online-offline point-of-experience. It is an integrated end-to-end solution that enables your best products to be found, evaluated and compared in-store by shoppers, while you collect actionable consumer insights for personalized post-visit followup.

Fully customizable to fit your specific sector, business model and size

There are countless scenarios and customizations, which can be realized to closely meet your store, showroom or event goals. 

Pixely will recommend the best combination of PX modules for your business once we get to know you better.


Pre-developed components


Client-specific customizations


Fit to your business

Benefits for your business

  • Complete control of your digital touchpoints, connected /smart devices / IoT,  and intelligence systems
  • Improved, remote oversight of your daily and historical operations
  • Better understanding of the customer experience and end-to-end journey
  • Improved bottom line through retention, cross- and upselling

Perks for your customers

  • More efficient, more personalized, more informative and more pleasant in-store shopping experiences
  • A more fluid experience with your store, brand and products
  • More relevant, interactive product content that follows shoppers on their journey
  • Improved store loyalty

Streamlined maintenance

  • Less waste due to a reduced need for physical signage
  • Ease of maintenance and updates due to a fast sync with your ERP system
  • No time-consuming installation or training required
  • One platform connecting all your digital media
  • Works well on any platform and device

Front-end modules

  • PX StorePX Store: increases product visibility and drives sales; suitable for any retail and POS points
  • PX DisplayPX Display: connects to and manages device digital signage devices (i.e. electronic display boards, tablets, touchscreens)
  • PX LightsPX Lights: remotely and automatically manages ambient or overhead lighting in different environments
  • PX ShelfPX Shelf: complete software-hardware solution, incorporating smart shelves (provided by Vitra)
  • PX SensorsPX Sensors: manages motion-detecting and other types of sensors
  • PX ESLPX ESL: enables dynamic price updates with the help of electronic shelf labels
  • PX FaceIDPX FaceID: a module that works with facial recognition and functions based on your needs
  • PX RFID & PX NFCPX RFID: & PX NFC: connects data collected by RFID and NFC tags
  • PX WatchPX Watch: notifies salesfloor associates to respond to immediate support requests or set up client appointments

Back-end modules

  • PX WLANPX WLAN: a bridge between connect and your Wireless Local Area Network
  • PX AnalyticsPX Analytics: a bridge between connect and your analytics/BI software
  • PX CRMPX CRM: a bridge between connect and your CRM or eCRM system
  • PX CMSPX CMS: a bridge between connect and your CMS (content management system)
  • PX CloudPX Cloud: enables cloud data storage and access

Hardware options

  • Sensors and actuators
  • Electronic billboards
  • Touch-screen displays
  • Smartphones, tablets, smartwatches
  • Connected / smart lights
  • Smart shelves
  • RFID / NFC tags
  • Any connected device

With PX, all you need to worry about is delighting your customers

Your monthly PX subscription includes all needed hardware, software modules, CMS, cloud services and support

If this is your sector, pixely can revolutionize your business: 

Opticians & pharmacies

Retail stores

Automotive shops

Banks & financial institutions

Tradeshows, fairs & events

Fashion houses

Wine & spirits shops

Petrol stations

Cosmetics shops

Specialty stores



Learn more about the pricing of pixely PX
  • PX pricing is based on an annual all-in subscription, determined by the integrated modules and number of displays.*
  • The subscription includes the software modules license, full-solution installation and testing, ongoing cloud services, and support.
  • If we provide the hardware modules* for your PX solution, there will be a one-time purchase charge at the start (based on the type and number of devices selected).
  • Another option is for you to source and purchase the needed hardware independently. In that case, we will still advise you on the devices that would work best with pixely Cloud.

                             * Our volume discounts ensure your cost-per-device goes down as the number of connected devices increases. 

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