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We help organizations transform digitally and innovate rapidly by connecting applications, data, and devices. We enable retail, agriculture & insurance businesses to delight their customers and improve their bottom line.

Benefit from our expertise in retail, geospatial, insurance and web solution development


Retail Solutions

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Geospatial Data Services


Blockchain & Smart Contracts

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Software & Web Development

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IT Infrastructure Management


Technology Consulting

Versatile, international experience across industries

Our focus is on speed-to-market, flexibility, and efficiency in both custom-made and out-of-the-box solutions

Specialized knowledge, wide-ranging tech expertise

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The pixely team has more than 50+ years of combined experience in full-stack technology and solution development, data visualization and consulting services across industries, company sizes, markets, and business models. Our executives, developers and administrators are experts in their respective areas of specialization.


Pixely’s expertise and knowledge are best applied to complex, omni-channel environments and in business or operational challenges that can be revolutionized by smart technology. From complete, off-the-shelf solutions to bespoke software, apps, or websites, we will select the most fitting digital systems for your needs.

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Our clients include renowned companies like the LVMH Group, SamsungOsram, Bogner, L’Oreal, VichyCamper, Castrol, Vitra, and bonprix, innovative startups like cloudeo and Agrifortis, and non-profit organizations (e.g. CBN Foundation).

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To amplify our effectiveness, we often partner up with specialized data providers on developing and launching successful applications and solutions for retail, fashion, pharmacy, events, banking, agriculture, and risk/insurance.

The pixely team

Combining decades of experience in retail, geospatial, development and consulting projects
Ivo Banovsky

Ivo Banovsky

Founder, MD

Ivo has worked as MD of Intermap Technologies, CTO of cloudeo, and  has two decades of development experience as part of pixely, erteco, Assecuratus, and Primeast.

Tim Hanack

Tim Hanack

Founder, MD

Tim has IT management experience, operational experience in IoT and retail technologies, and analyst/SAP process consultancy experience at Syngenta, Novartis and Vitra.

Lubos Krystynek

Lubos Krystynek

Head of Development

Lubos manages development projects at our office in Sofia, Bulgaria. Lubos worked in manufacturing and automotive before making the switch to tech.

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