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Easier, better informed shopper transitions from classic light bulbs to Osram’s energy-saving LED bulbs

LED bulbs are more costly than classic light bulbs and need to be properly configured to reap their energy-saving benefits. Thus, it is essential that end users are aware of the technicalities in order to choose the right model for their needs. At hardware stores, well-known quality products are often placed side-by-side cheap, unbranded products. To accomplish this, Osram LED bulb manufacturer chose pixely to  help educate shoppers about their products’ distinct features, improving both the shopping experience and post-purchase satisfaction.

Customized POX solution

For Osram, pixely implemented a customized PX Call an Expert solution. For any five hardware stores, there is one remote LED expert available to answer questions and help with product selection. The video installation is designed to be customer-friendly and intuitive so experts can be reached and consulted quickly and effortlessly. Its success is evident by a purchase rate of >90% after consulting with the experts.

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