Fits your space like a glove

The fully modular and customizable pixely PX solution comprises software, hardware, integration modules a cloud platform, and a CMS

Flexible and agile, PX works with your hardware or with ours

Your needs determine your solution

Software modules

  • PX Store: increases product visibility and drives sales; suitable for any retail and POS points
  • PX Display: connects to and manages device digital signage devices (i.e. electronic display boards, tablets, touchscreens)
  • PX Lights: remotely and automatically manages ambient or overhead lighting in different environments
  • PX Shelfenables side-by-side product comparison
  • PX Sensors: manages motion-detecting and other types of sensors
  • PX ESL: enables dynamic price updates with the help of electronic shelf labels
  • PX FaceID: a module that works with facial recognition and functions based on your needs
  • PX RFID: & NFC: connects data collected by RFID and NFC tags
  • PX Watch: notifies sales floor associates to respond to immediate support requests or set up client appointments

Hardware modules

Pxely PX is flexible from every standpoint: it can work with integrated hardware and IoT provided by us, or we can incorporate your own smart devices.The decision to use own devices or those supplied by us largely depends on the complexity of the solution, the number of components needed, and a few additional factors that we will discuss together.

Typical hardware and IoT components

  • Raspberry PI or Arduino units
  • Sensors, actuators, beacons
  • Electronic billboards or projecting windows
  • Touch-screen displays
  • Smartphones, tablets and smartwatches
  • Connected / smart lights
  • Smart shelves
  • RFID / NFC tags
  • Facial ID camera

Complete integration 

Depending on your needs and goals, we can implement integration modules, which can act as a data bridge between pixely PX and your other business systems. Additional integration modules allow you to enable advanced features for interactions, triggers and analytics – all within your pixely PX installation.

Standardized integration modules

  • PX Cloud: enables cloud data storage and access, provides a robust content management system for all your devices
  • PX WLAN: connects between PX Cloud to your WLAN
  • PX Analytics: connects PX Cloud to your analytics/BI solution
  • PX CRM: connects PX Cloud to your CRM or eCRM system
  • PX CMS: connects PX Cloud to your internal CMS

With PX, all you need to worry about is delighting your customers.

Your monthly PX subscription includes all needed hardware, software modules, CMS, cloud services and support

Pixely PX - Pricing
  • PX pricing is based on a monthly all-in subscription, determined by the integrated modules and number of displays.*
  • The subscription includes the software modules license, full-solution installation and testing, ongoing cloud services, and support.
  • If we provide the hardware modules* for your PX solution, there will be a one-time purchase charge at the start (based on the type and number of devices selected).
  • Another option is for you to source and purchase the needed hardware independently. In that case, we will still advise you on the devices that would work best with pixely Cloud.

                             * Our volume discounts ensure your cost-per-device goes down as the number of connected devices increases. 

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