PX Call an Expert

During or after store visits, shoppers can obtain personalized advice, information or service for a product from a remote personal shopping adviser, via live video

Want to enable Call an Expert on your website, mobile app, or in-store?

Understaffed points of sale = missed opportunities

Support shoppers throughout their entire purchase decision cycle

Achieve these benefits by implementing Call an Expert:

  • Better, high-tech shopping experience
  • Enhanced shopper benefits
  • On-demand customer approach
  • Personalized shopper service and support
  • Personalized product offers and discounts
  • Reduced number of sales floor staff needed
  • Increased product understanding, leading to increased sales
  • Shoppers can receive live video assistance in-store or post-visit, from a website or an app

Shopper experience

Shopper-side tool


Sales consultant experience

Assistant-side tool

  • Consultant call button
  • Consultant tablet or smart watch linked to PX
  • Administrative consultant support (ad-hoc orders, etc.)
  • Mobile cash registers


Don't worry, we’ve got the technical part covered

Your monthly pixely Call an Expert subscription includes all needed hardware, software, CMS, cloud services, and support

If this is your sector, pixely can revolutionize your business: 

Opticians & pharmacies

Retail stores

Automotive shops

Banks & financial institutions

Tradeshows, fairs & events

Fashion houses

Wine & spirits shops

Petrol stations

Cosmetics shops

Specialty stores



Call an Expert and PX

Call an Expert is built to work seamlessly with pixely PX and PX Cloud. You can have as many shops using the solution, on as many fitting rooms or customer service counters as you’d like. The solution is completely scalable to your shop’s needs.

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