Introducing Pixely Technologies and Pixely Group: a new brand name, the same superior team and approach to developing products and solutions

Apr 23, 2020about pixely

Today, we want to take a minute to inform all our current customers, partners, and prospects about a change to our company name and brand, which took shape over the past year and was recently finalized.

As part of a strategic rebranding and refocusing of services, as of April 2020, we changed the name of our GmbH entity from Erteco Technologies to Pixely Technologies GmbH.

Why the name change?

We initiated the rebranding in April 2019 and have since received much positive feedback about the new direction we’re taking. Although Pixely Group isn’t a new company or team, under our new brand, we are taking a renewed and improved approach to serving our B2B customers across the retail, agricultural, public, insurance, finance, and banking sectors. Pixely group will continue to offer off-the-shelf solutions and products, bespoke software, app/web/geospatial/blockchain development, and consultancy services across Europe and DACH.

What will change?

The only change is the company name of the German entity and the integration of our operations in Bulgaria (Pixely Technologies EOOD), and in the Czech Republic (Pixely Technologies s.r.o.) under the united Pixely Group.

To you, our valued customers and partners, the change will be seamless and will go mostly unnoticed, with the exception of the administrative and visual aspects of the new name. We will be using our new website only from now on.

Working together, now and in the future

We look forward to our continued collaboration, now under our new name and with a stronger focus on providing superior development services. Please get in touch if you have any questions about our new name or the company in general.

Thank you for your trust and partnership, take care, and stay healthy.

Ivo Banovsky
Founder and CEO, Pixely Group (formerly Erteco Technologies)

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Pixely has sucessfully implemented and supported geospatial, retail, blockchain, development, and other tech projects for leading companies across a variety of industries.

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