Retail Solutions for Pharmacies

Modern pharmacies can no longer afford to just display and sell products – they need to inform and delight consumers – a task more easily accomplished with specialized digital solutions

Want to learn more about the latest technology options for pharmacies?

Our PX Solutions for Pharmacies

Let shoppers learn more about your products without any assistance from staff.

Electronic labels placed on your product shelves display dynamic prices synced with your ERP system

Let shoppers discover your products in a fun, interactive way, thus making more informed buying decisions

Our pharmacy solutions are highly customizable based on your retail space, needs and business goals

PX Shelf maximizes your retail real estate

  • Combination of an app, one or more sensors and a screen (typically tablet or smartphone).
  • Empowers shoppers to learn more about a single product or compare that product with another one by placing both on a special digital shelf that recognizes what’s on it using sensors.
  • Detailed information about the products’ attributes is displayed once one or more products are placed on the shelf (content easily updated in the back-end CMS).
  • Being able to directly interact with the products makes it easier for shoppers to make an informed purchasing decision.

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PX ESL (Electronic Shelf Labels) offer you:

  • The ability to dynamically and effortlessly update prices of shelved products as often as needed
  • The ability to sync product price tags with your ERP system
  • The ability to run time-limited promotions on select items or entire series of products
  • If no in-house ERP system, an easy to use back-end interface (CMS) can be used for updating product prices
  • Fast, efficient, time-saving digital solution
  • Better product pricing overview and fewer pricing errors
  • Visibility into historic price fluctuations

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PX Product Finder assists your shoppers

  • The Product Finder app is first populated with your product catalog manually or synced with your ERP system. It is then installed on interactive tablets with integrated bar code readers. The tablets are mounted onto shelves or stands placed on your pharmacy shop floor and can be used for product research.
  • Shoppers can independently browse your product catalog and send recommendations directly to themselves or to friends via email. They can also notify store clerks about the products they wish to buy, if those aren’t available on the shelves. 

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Benefits for your business

  • Complete control of your digital touchpoints, connected /smart devices / IoT,  and intelligence systems
  • Improved, remote oversight of your daily and historical operations
  • Better understanding of the customer experience and end-to-end journey
  • Improved bottom line through retention, cross- and up-selling

Perks for your customers

  • More efficient, more personalized, more informative and more pleasant in-store shopping experiences
  • A more fluid experience with your store, brand and products
  • More relevant, interactive product content that follows shoppers on their journey
  • Improved store loyalty

Streamlined maintenance

  • Less waste due to a reduced need for physical signage
  • Ease of maintenance and updates due to a fast sync with your ERP system
  • No time-consuming installation or training required
  • One platform connecting all your digital media
  • Works well on any platform and device

Don't worry, we’ve got the technical part covered

Your monthly PX pharmacy subscription includes all needed hardware, software, CMS, cloud services, and support

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